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Dual Lamp CCFL Driver

The LS530 from TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC. is the latest addition to the company’s comprehensive line of compact dc-ac inverters for driving cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) in LCD backlighting applications. The LS530 is designed for use with the Sharp 10.4-in. LQ104V1G21 liquid crystal display (LCD) used in gaming, marine electronics, medical, Point-of-Sale/kiosk, and test and measurement equipment applications.

The LS530 offers a significant power output increase for driving the latest model high-bright displays. The LS530’s 10 W of total output power—versus 7.8 W—represents a more than 20% improvement over predecessor models. Available now in OEM quantities, the LS530 provides an extremely economical, high-performance solution for driving dual LCD displays with a single compact CCFL inverter.

The LS530 dual-display CCFL driver provides a wide input range of 9.6 V to 14.4 V and an output current of 3 mA to 7 mA per lamp. Total device power output is 5 W per lamp, or 10 W total. The LS530 measures 130 mm (5.1 in.) × 20 mm (0.8. in.) × 13.5 mm (0.5 in.). Other (typical) specifications include 1500 Vrms start-up voltage, 60-Hz output frequency and 0.9-A input current.

For more information, visit www.t-yuden.com.

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