Power Electronics

Dual DDR2 Memory Power Supply Controller

Semtech Corp. has announced the availability of the SC1486A, a dual synchronous DDR and DDR2 buck power supply controller, targeting notebooks, tablet PCs and embedded applications.

The SC1486A builds upon the Semtech SC1486 DDR power supply controller. This upgraded version provides a power supply solution for systems designers that are specifying DDR2 memory, or who want to design a migration path to DDR2 memory with minimal board changes. The SC1486A is pin compatible with its predecessor allowing for seamless transition.

The SC1486A offers designers a wide input voltage range from 1.8 V to 25 V, enabling the device to directly interface with standard battery configurations and ac adapters. Also provided are two independently programmable output voltages that can be adjusted from 5.5 V down to 0.5 V. To support DDR2, the first switching regulator can be used to generate 1.8 V for memory chip supply and the second switching regulator can be used to provide a 0.9-V floating reference to support the DDR2 active termination requirement. The device also provides a 1.25-V, 3-mA buffered reference output. The SC1486A can also function as a general-purpose dual switching regulator, eliminating costly pins and allowing for best efficiency.

The SC1486A is available now in production quantities and is priced at $2.32 each in 1000-piece lots.

For more information, visit www.semtech.com.

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