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DOSA Launches New Web Site

The Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) has launched its new Web site at www.dosapower.com. DOSA founding members, Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. and SynQor Inc., have developed the site to provide information to the public on DOSA standards developed for the power conversion market.

The Web site contains information about alliance members, their mission, DOSA standards, industry links, news and announcements. The site will become a repository for all DOSA-related activity on standardization across a broad range of dc-dc converter products. The Web site will also be used by members to share technical information during the standards development process.

“DOSA stands as a separate entity from its member companies, and as such it requires its own Web site,” says Sabi Varma, vice president of marketing and business operations at Tyco Electronics Power Systems. “The DOSA Web site will be an essential vehicle for sharing standards information among members and non-members.”

Joseph Coupal, SynQor’s executive vice president of marketing and sales, agrees. “DOSA is a customer-driven, open alliance," Coupal says. "We have launched the Web site to share information that will facilitate greater product compatibility, allowing our customers the benefits of true multiple sourcing options.”

DOSA was established to ensure future dc-dc product compatibility and standardization within the increasingly fragmented power converter market. The alliance will develop standards over a broad range of power converter form factors, footprints, feature sets and functionality for both nonisolated (point-of-load) and isolated applications, including intermediate bus converters. Last month, DOSA announced a footprint and pin-out for a 16th-brick converter. And recently, Celestica Power Systems became the first member to join founders Tyco Electronics and SynQor in the alliance.

For more information, visit www.dosapower.com.

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