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DOSA Endorses PMBus

Tyco Electronics Power Systems and SynQor, the founding members of the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA), recently announced an alignment with the Power Management Bus (PMBus) to migrate to a digitally interfaced, on-board dc-dc power architecture. The DOSA architecture will include the PMBus protocol as well as new pinouts and functionality defined in consultation with leading customers and DOSA members. Also included will be standard software required to interface with the modules over the industry standard I2C serial bus.

These efforts will serve to migrate the industry to a new digitally interfaced power infrastructure in a measured and low-risk manner, allowing customers to preserve their investment in existing designs while moving to the benefits of a digital control interface.

"Digital interfaces to power modules will help reduce the design complexity of on-board power that is being experienced by some of our customers today", said Sabi Varma, vice president, marketing and R&D, Tyco Electronics Power Systems. "However, minimization of risk and ability to design in standard parts with second-source capability remains a critical need for customers as well.”

The DOSA-led efforts are expected to result in products in the second half of 2005 time frame. Standard enhanced pinout and functionality details are being developed in cooperation with major customers and industry partners, and will be released on the DOSA website (www.dosapower.com) as they are finalized.

For more information, visit www.dosapower.com.

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