Power Electronics


International Rectifier’s (IR) MOSFETs in the DirectFET package are the first surface-mount devices in an SO-8 footprint designed for efficient topside cooling and that address the increasing challenge of removing heat from power systems. DirectFET MOSFETs are designed for high-performance power management systems in advanced IntelÒ and AMD microprocessors for notebook computers, high-end desktop PCs, and system servers.

DirectFET MOSFETs reduce part count by up to 60% and shrink circuit size by as much as 50%, compared to an SO-8 type solution—effectively doubling current density at a lower system cost.

“The DirectFET package introduces a ‘paradigm shift’ to the power management industry. Due to its unique double-sided cooling, DirectFET MOSFETs deliver distinct thermal advantages over traditional power MOSFETs in standard packaging,” said Carl Blake, technical marketing manager for the computing market at IR.

For more information, visit www.irf.com.

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