Power Electronics

Die Distributor to Sell Tantalum Nitride Resistors

TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has added Chip Supply as a die distributor for its wire bondable chips. Designated the WBC Series, the resistors feature IRC’s self-passivating tantalum nitride thin-film technology on silicon substrates (TaNSil).

“This partnership enables us to provide our products to customers from organizations of all sizes throughout the world,” said Steve Wade, director of sales and marketing for IRC Advanced Film Division. “As the largest die distributor in the world, Chip Supply Inc. has the specialized experience needed to provide superior technical service for our wire bondable resistor die products.”

Located in Orlando, Fla., Chip Supply has a facility comprised of two clean rooms and five buildings of processing space. Chip Supply will distribute IRC’s WBC Series product to all markets. The WBC resistors have TCR values down to ±25ppm/°C with a resistance range from 100 Ω to 400 kΩ.

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