Power Electronics

DFM Reference Design Supports High-voltage CMOS

Austriamicrosystems’ business unit Full Service Foundry has announced the availability of its Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reference design flow for its high-voltage CMOS process. Austriamicrosystems’ DFM-enhanced reference design flow uses specific analog high-voltage DFM tools such as design and layout verification of circuit robustness, yield optimization, parasitic simulation or safe operating area check. As a further service, Austriamicrosystems provides full design support including analog high-voltage DFM guidelines and DFM design review as optional services to its foundry customers.

The new DFM reference flow fully supports Austriamicrosystems' 0.35-µm High-Voltage CMOS process (H35), a new-generation advanced analog and mixed-signal technology offering 20-V and 50-V HV MOS devices and very low “on resistances.” H35 is available in several process options and therefore suitable for a variety of applications such as power management, motor control, printer head drivers, dc-dc converters and switched power supplies.

Austriamicrosystems’ benchmark process design kit “HIT-Kit” fully integrates these DFM features and ensures optimization toward yield and robustness of the design during the whole design process. It comes complete with fully silicon-qualified standard cells, periphery cells and general-purpose analog cells, such as comparators, operational amplifiers, low power A/D and D/A converters. Custom analog and RF devices, physical verification rule sets for Assura and Calibre, as well as characterized circuit simulation models enable rapid design starts of complex high performance mixed-signal ICs.

All I/O structures within the design kit are silicon-validated and meet the military ESD and JEDEC latch-up standards. In C35 technology, the total I/O libraries consist of more than 1800 cells supporting 3.3 V and 3.3-V/5-V designs. The specialty High-voltage CMOS process H35 with its floating libraries even includes more than 2400 core and periphery cells. Austriamicrosystems also offers RF CMOS, high-voltage CMOS, BiCMOS and SiGe-BiCMOS processes.

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