Power Electronics

Design Win for Digital Power Components

According to Power-One, its Z-One Digital IBA power components have been adopted by Acme Packet to power products that bridge disparate Internet Protocol (IP) networks, enabling service providers to offer converged wireline, wireless and cable communications. Acme Packet's application uses from four to 24 Z-Series point-of-load converters (POLs) per card, providing up to seven different voltages from 1 V to 5 V.

Mohiuddin Khan, Acme Packet's hardware architect, commented, "Acme Packet's requirements for advanced sequencing, slew-rate control, margining and real-time monitoring led us to choose the Z-One power solution above all other point-of-load solutions. Some other digital power products provided industry-standard 2-wire monitoring and control, while other analog power products provided a means to sequence and adjust ramp rates of power rails. Only the Z-One power solutions provided us an integrated answer to all our inter-board and intra-board requirements while providing enough flexibility for our changing prototype power needs, without costly PCB modifications."

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