Power Electronics

Design Tool Assists Engineers in Selecting Motion-SPM Devices

Fairchild Semiconductor developed the Motion Control Design Tool to assist in the selection of the optimum Fairchild Motion-SPM(tm) device for their specific applications. This tool addresses three-phase inverter sinusoidal modulation for variable speed drive applications powering permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and AC induction motors.

Designers of home appliances - such as washers, refrigerators and air conditioners - are faced with the challenge of developing motor control solutions that meet stringent and evolving energy guidelines and regulations, such as ENERGY STAR® and European Commission Energy Using Products (EUPs), all while reducing footprint, reducing electrical and mechanical design cycle, bringing system efficiency and reliability to the application.

Part selection is based on a detailed entry of application specific I/O information. The program output includes module component losses, junction temperature increases, cooling requirements and junction temperature ripple at the motor/output frequency.

The Motion Control Design Tool provides motor motion control design engineers with:

  • A quick and accurate method for selecting the correct Fairchild SPM® device for their application
  • A simulation means for identifying their design's worst case input and output conditions from a loss and temperature rise aspect.
  • A delineation of the module's power component switching and conduction losses for their specific application, enabling them to quickly consider "what if" scenarios to optimize the design.
  • Graphical presentation of internal component losses, junction temperature rises and maximum allowable case temperature as a function of output phase current and switching frequency.
  • Total module losses and heatsink/cooling requirements.
  • A PDF soft copy documentation of their application analysis.

Fairchild Semiconductor recently developed a new series of smart power modules (SPM®), the SPM45H, that offers high system efficiency while replacing up to 23 discrete components.

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