Power Electronics

Design Center Specializes in Quasi-resonant Designs

Fairchild Semiconductor adds to its growing number of worldwide Global Power Resource Design Centers with the addition of the Chicago laboratory. This design center provides expertise in quasi-resonant designs offering less noise, lower EMI and higher efficiency than hard-switching, fixed-frequency designs in applications such as color TVs and set-top boxes.

Additionally, Fairchild’s quasi-resonant designs offer design engineers the advantage of a highly integrated solution that combines a MOSFET and controller in one package. Cost-sensitive designs in industrial and consumer applications can realize a lower overall system cost through a reduction in the amount of filtering as well as heatsink size, and by the reduced number of components.

“Fairchild’s Chicago Power Design Center provides solutions for ac-dc applications in the complete range of power from 2-W and 5-W adapters for cell phones and for 200-W quasi-resonant designs in televisions,” said Carl Walding, applications manager, Chicago Power Design Center. “We’re able to provide a total power design solution utilizing Fairchild products to optimize efficiency, increase performance, reduce part count and inventory costs, while improving the end applications’ time-to-market.”

The strength of the Chicago Power Design Center stems from its experienced technical staff of design engineers and a network of field application engineers with years of industry experience partnering with customers to address their power requirements. Fairchild’s design centers create a design from schematic capture through board layout, prototype build, characterization, BOM selection and manufacturability review.

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