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Demand Increases for 5kVA UPS Products


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Demand Increases for ‹5kVA UPS Products

In the recently released multi-volume study entitled "The 2002 Power Protection Market Intelligence Program," Venture Development Corp. (VDC) concluded in its North American Demand Analysis that the ‹5kVA UPS market is poised for extensive transition over the next five years. Global consumption of battery-powered uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of all ranges is expected to increase at a relatively modest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.95% through 2006. Within the highly competitive North American ‹5kVA market, this growth should be driven primarily by consumer requirements for improved battery performance and an expanding set of applications for the following reasons:
  • End users do not have strong preferences towards specific brands. They do not draw associations to particular brands based on quality, service, price, or otherwise.
  • Business segments did not show strong differences among various UPS product features or specifications. Most UPS systems were similar in offerings and had little variation for end users to choose from as a result.
  • Growth in multiple applications for UPS systems across new segments will allow for various features and specifications to become more and less important. The uses for UPS systems across new applications such as entertainment will provide for more specific market segmentation and specialization by the vendors.
  • Standardization of product features and specifications, and the subsequent expectations of end users will demand new and improved product performance in areas such as battery back-up time and physical dimensions.

For more information, visit www.vdc-corp.com.

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