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Degree Controls Offers Thermal Management and Validation Services

Degree Controls Inc. is pleased to introduce the Center for Airflow & Thermal Technologies, (CATT). Located in Milford, N.H., CATT offers a wide range of thermal management and validation services, including thermal analysis and design, verification, compliance testing and heat sink design. Industries that have used CATT services include telecommunications equipment providers, information technology companies, medical equipment designers and data centers.

With systems design becoming more powerful and generating more heat than ever before, a proper thermal design is crucial for product reliability and performance. The thermal and flow expertise at CATT provides customers with efficient and reliable thermal designs, allowing the customer to focus on other key aspects of product development. Examples of CATT projects include determination of airflow and temperature requirements within an electronics enclosure, selection and placement of fans, board design and layout for optimal cooling, investigation of thermal failure scenarios, and data center thermal analysis.

CATT’s thermal analysis and design service uses the most advanced technologies in solving electronics cooling problems. The toolbox includes CFD modeling software, thermal imaging cameras, multipoint airflow measurement equipment and wind tunnels. CATT’s thermal service focuses on system, board and component level electronics cooling. Once the design is complete, CATT’s services include validation testing and compliance testing to meet industry standards such as UL, CE and NEBS. CATT helps its customers solve any compliance issues prior to production, thus preventing costly redesigns.

CATT services also include unique heat sink solutions. With increasing power densities of components, typical off-the-shelf heat sinks are not appropriate. Examples of custom heat sink design applications include cooling of high power processes to 300 W and beyond, passive and active heat sinks, and heat pipes.

For more information, visit www.degreec.com.

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