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Deflectors and Diffusers Improve Airflow and Filtering

Universal Air Filter offers air filters with customized deflectors and diffusers in almost any size or style to meet any engineering standard, classification or design application. UAF’s low-cost filters combine the functional diffuser, decorative bezel or deflector and a Telcordia NEBS GR-63-CORE compliant air filter into one integrated assembly.

Free airflow is maximized with approximately 85% open, square or hex pattern perforated vent panels. The louvered design deflectors handle specialized HVAC air moving and diffuse airflow in specific directions.

Used in many air filter applications is the environmentally engineered line of Quadrafoam and Quadrafoam II filter media that complies with requirements of Telcordia GR-63-CORE and GR-487-CORE for flame, fungus and corrosion resistance. This combination meets stringent flame resistance requirements of UL 94 with a zero fungus growth rating. Metal components can be treated with special chromate or irridite finishes for corrosion protection.

Quadrafoam and Quadrafoam II are rated UL 94 HF-1, cleanable and reusable, and available in black, gray or green colors. Both feature deep loading, increased dust holding capacity and low air resistance. Quadrafoam II is suitable for prolonged exposure to high temperature, high moisture environments and other harmful elements. Products with Quadrafoam II air filters have been environmentally tested to withstand dust intrusion and wind driven rain as detailed in GR-487-CORE.

Universal Air Filter products meet the following standards and classifications: UL 94 HF-1; UL 900 Class 2, CE; Telcordia NEBS GR-63-CORE and GR-78-CORE. In addition, a free, round-the-clock prototype service is available.

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