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DC-DC Converters Deliver Low Noise, Adjustable Outputs

Designed for high-voltage operation, Beta Dyne’s AD35 Series of 35-W isolated dc-dc converters generate adjustable outputs with low noise. The series consists of four models that accept input voltages of 12 V, 24 V, 48 V and 110 V, and provide an adjustable output that can be configured as either positive (0 V to +200 V), negative (0 V to -200 V) or dual (0 V to ±100 V). Furthering its flexibility, custom input and output voltage combinations are available upon request.

The popularity of the low-noise 10-W and 15-W dc-dc converters shows that low output noise is a desirable feature in the ever-increasing demand for better performance in today's technology products. Based on two patents for power amplifier technology, the AD35 employs dual, low dropout linear regulators that result in reduced output noise of less than 10 mV. This combination of adjustability and low-noise performance makes the AD35 series suitable for military, aerospace, medical and telecommunications applications.

The AD35 series features up to 88% efficiency, 2-to-1 input voltage range, single and dual outputs, soft-start, short-circuit protection, thermal protection, 750-µA off-state current, 500-mV dropout linear regulators, dual output tracking linear regulator and 6-sided shielding.

The converters come packaged in a 3.0-in. × 2.5-in. × 0.5-in. coated 30-mil copper case that allows for operation without derating or a heatsink up to 71°C. The standard operating temperature range is -40°C to +71°C; optional versions with an extended operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C also are available.

Pricing for the AD35 series starts at $169 each. Discounts are available for larger quantities.

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