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DC-DC Converters Deliver High Power Density and Low Noise

Beta Dyne has introduced the EA75 series of 75-W (max.) isolated, single-output dc-dc converters. The EA75 series includes 35 models offered with nominal input voltages of 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 48 Vdc and 100 Vdc, and output voltages of 2.5 Vdc, 3.3 Vdc, 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc, 15 Vdc, 18 Vdc and 24 Vdc.

Based on the company’s proprietary technology for synchronous rectification and noise reduction, the EA75 series is the result of several custom products that required high power density and low noise. Consequently, the EA75 series dc-dc converters pack up to 75 W of output in a 2-in. × 2-in. × 0.50-in. metal case. That corresponds to a power density as high as 37.5 W/in3 Output ripple and noise is specified at 1% p-p typical and 2% p-p max for these converters. These units typical derate their power output starting at 50°C.

The EA75 dc-dc converters also feature 6-sided shielding and an industry-standard pinout. Other highlights include high efficiency, output overvoltage protection, input undervoltage protection, 2:1 input voltage range, 6-sided shielding, soft start, 1500-Vdc input-to-output isolation, short-circuit protection, thermal protection, adjustable output, a 300-µA off state current and output synchronous rectification. Pricing starts at $79.20 each with discounts available for larger quantities.

For a copy of the data sheet, visit www.beta-dyne.com/products/ea75.html.

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