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DC-DC Converters


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DC-DC Converters

Linear Technology Corp.’s LTC3734 and LTC3735 dc-dc converters power Intel's® Centrino® mobile technology for thin and light notebook PCs. The LTC3734 and LTC3735 are high efficiency synchronous step-down dc-dc controllers with integrated MOSFET drivers and Intel Pentium® M compatible power saving mode. The IC's high 550 kHz operating frequency, on-board MOSFET drivers, current mode operation, and high efficiency complement the new generation of compact, low-profile wireless Intel Centrino platform notebook PCs. Their high efficiency maximizes the power-saving features of the Centrino chipset.

Depending on the microprocessor speed and the CPU's maximum current requirement, designers can choose either the single-phase LTC3734 for up to 20A or the PolyPhase® LTC3735 for up to 40A load current capability. The LTC3734 and LTC3735 can also be used to power Pentium M processors in single-board computers, servers with multiple racks, networking servers, and communication systems.

They operate from input supplies ranging from 4V to 30V and boast a ±1% accurate 0.6V reference voltage. The adjustable operating frequency from 210 kHz to 550 kHz is effective in reducing noise interference in wireless notebook PCs. Both ICs feature overvoltage protection and a short-circuit shutdown timer that can also be disabled. Cycle-by-cycle current limiting and a sense resistor allow designers to accurately size the MOSFETs, inductor and output capacitors. The LTC3734 is housed in a 5 mm x 5 mm QFN package. The 2-phase LTC3735 is offered in a 36-lead SSOP.

For more information, visit www.linear.com.

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