Power Electronics

DC-DC Converters

The latest 5A YNM, 10A YNL, and 16A YNS nonisolated dc-dc converters from Power-One Inc. are optimized for operation from a 3-Vdc to 5.5-Vdc intermediate bus architecture (IBA) bus. These maXyz™ IBA-compatible products are designed and manufactured by di/dt, a Power-One company.

The Nex™ family combines industry-standard footprints and trim equations with enhanced features and improved electrical and thermal performance. These SMD converters are available in 0.8-in. × 0.45-in. × 0-25 in. (20.3-mm × 11.4-mm × 6.3-mm) and 1.3-in. × 0.53-in. × 0.314-in (33-mm × 13.5-mm × 8-mm) packages. The YNL products offer fixed outputs from 0.9 Vdc to 3.3 Vdc. The YMM and YNS products provide programmable outputs from 0.75 Vdc to 3.3Vdc, facilitating the use of one part number for multiple applications.

Benchmarked with a 3.3-Vdc output at 85°C ambient temperature and utilizing only natural convection cooling, all three series deliver their full-rated output current.

For more information, visit www.power-one.com.

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