Power Electronics

DC-DC Converters

The SMM Series of dc-dc converters from MTM Power Messtechnik Mellenbach GmbH is designed for use in vehicles, particularly for railway applications, and has an output power of 50 W. Suitable for both stationary use and mobile use according to EN 50 155, it offers three dc and one ac input voltage ranges. Thus, it can be used in all onboard power systems.

Output voltages are galvanically separated and available as single, dual and triple versions. Additional features include vibration and shock resistance, high efficiency of 79% to 89% and reverse polarity protection at the input. Suitable for use in 19 in. racks, dimensions are 173 mm x 38.7 mm x 111.2 mm or 177 mm x 40.2 mm x 128.4 mm. The SMM Series needs no ground load, is short-circuit protected and has various monitoring and protection systems.

For more information, visit www.mtm-power.com.

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