Power Electronics

DC-DC Converters

Tyco Electronics Power Systems has extended its Onami dc-dc converter series, giving computer and communications equipment OEM's maximum flexibility in designing 5-V and 12-V power applications.

Onami power modules convert a standard 36-Vdc to 75-Vdc (48-V) power input to drive 5-Vdc or 12-Vdc intermediate bus architectures, fans, and other loads. Input redundancy, current monitoring, and power okay signals make Onami modules flexible enough to be used in a variety of design configurations.

The 5-V Onami delivers an 88% efficient output at 25 A, while the Onami 12 V delivers 89% efficiency at 10 A. These high efficiency levels enable the converters to be used without the need for additional heat sinks. An active output current sharing feature allows Onami modules to be used in parallel to create even lower voltage levels.

The Onami series offers maximum reliability--expected to deliver 2 million hrs Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF). In addition, a range of safety features offers protection against high voltage or temperature extremes.

Onami 5-V and 12-V modules are compact, measuring just 3.596 in. x 1.625 in. x 0.39 in. (91.08 mm x 41.28 mm x 9.9 mm), ideal for minimizing board space in multiprocessor applications.

For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

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