Power Electronics

DC-DC Converter

C&D Technologies' single output dc-dc converter is offered in a quarter-brick format, delivering up to 40 A in a standard quarter-brick package at voltages as low as 1 Vdc. The SLC100 incorporates novel techniques to offer efficiencies as high as 93% and optimal thermal performance without a heat sink. Its low-cost design and manufacturing allow for competitive pricing at less than $60 per unit in OEM quantities. Several models will be available with 48-Vdc wide-range input and fully isolated single outputs. The 1.2-V and 1.5-V models are currently available for samples and the expected full release of the 1 V, 1.8 V, 2 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V models will be available by the end of the second-quarter 2004. In addition, both through-hole and surface-mount versions will be available, as well as those offering positive and negative logic.

For more information, visit www.cdtechno.com.

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