Power Electronics

Datasheet on PBC4 Process

PolarFab has published a new datasheet on the company’s 0.5-micron, 40-V BCD/Power BiCMOS technology, the PBC4 process, available on 6-in. and 8-in. wafers and suitable for power management applications including motor controllers, gate drivers and microprocessor supervisory circuits.

The datasheet outlines typical uses for the PBC4 process, including its use in 5-V CMOS and a range of 12-V to 40-V LDMOS devices, as well as for all power IC applications at or below 40 V. The datasheet also provides information on the components of the PBC4 process such as dual gate oxides (5.5 V and 16 V) and complementary N- and P-channel MOSFETs with 5, 7, 16 and 30 capabilities as well as a 40-V capability for NMOS only, a 16-V poly-poly capacitor, a ZTC poly resistor, two high-value diffused resistors, a Schottky diode, a lateral PNP and two vertical NPN transistors. The datasheet also provides information on the 2- and 3-layer metal versions of the process that are available.

The datasheet lists PolarFab’s extensive design support options for the PBC4 process. These include product development consulting services and a complete design tool kit with models, full-featured Cadence and Silvaco PDKs (Process Design Kits), a comprehensive design and layout manual, as well as information on ESD protection and a digital standard cell library.

For more information, visit www.polarfab.com.

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