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Custom Inductance Values

Custom Inductance Values

5/19/2003 Edited byPETech Staff Custom Inductance Values The new DR340-X Series shielded SMD inductor from Datatronic features a low seated profile at 0.319 in. (3.4 mm) to 0.315 in. (8.0 mm) above the circuit board and can operate very effectively over the temperature range of –40°C to 85°C.

These inductors are ideally suited for applications where board space is very tight and reliable performance is critical. They are perfect for low profile, high performance dc-dc converters and switch mode power supplies used to power telecommunications systems, such as servers, network switches and routers, as well as industrial controls and medical instrumentation. Custom inductance values are also available for maximum flexibility.

The DR340-X Series offers a shielded design to minimize radiated noise. Key electrical parameters include an inductance of 1.2 µH to 1000 µH, a resistance of 0.007Ω to 1.53Ω maximum and a rated current of 0.40A to 9.8A max.

Miniature in size and robust by design, the ultra compact DR340-1, -2 and –3 Series measures only 0.472 in. (12.0 mm) by 0.472 in. (12.0 mm) with the –1 standing just .315 in. (8.0 mm), the –2 standing 0.177 in. (4.4 mm) and the –3 standing 0.236 in. (4.5 mm) max high. The DR340-4 Series measures only 0.287 in. (7.3 mm) and stands only 0.139 in. (3.4 mm) max high. The DR340-X is manufactured with UL94V-0 compliant materials.

The DR340-X Series inductors are compatible with high-speed automated pick-and-place assembly and high-temperature soldering equipment. They are available in tube as well as tape-and-reel packaging. Custom designed inductors can be specified to meet unique circuit requirements.

For more information, visit www.datatronics.com.

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