Power Electronics

Custom Electronics, Inc. Launches Power Systems Division

Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) unveiled its Power Systems Division, which builds on the advances of the company's previous bus bar unit. The shift from a singular bus bar focus to a broader range of components reflects the current market need for efficient, high-performance power management. CEI's Power Systems Division will manufacture insulated bus bars, bus bar assemblies and integrated energy solutions, providing a complete, tested and certified power module for customers in numerous industries.

Insulated bus bars are a recognized, key component in improving system performance and integrity. That market reality is at the core of CEI's Power Systems Division, which will serve military, industrial, utilities, electric vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturers seeking higher performance with greater ease of assembly and lower cost. Additionally, CEI now offers two types of high dielectric strength powder coating application methods: fluidized bed and electro static spray.

In addition, CEI announces the addition of Robert Van Horn as president of the Power Systems Division. Robert is responsible for expanding the development of new technologies and the division's capabilities in this emerging market. He brings to CEI a deep technical background in electro/mechanical components and assemblies in the power electronics field. He has 20 years of experience working in related markets, substantially growing numerous products at companies, including Methode Electronics Inc., Eldre Corporation and Storm Copper Components Co.

CEI continues to work with clients to design high-performance capacitors that bring ease of assembly and cost advantages to industrial motor drives, conventional and renewable energy generation, power conditioning, distribution and conversion, as well as additional applications in military and aerospace systems. Among the expanded capabilities offered by the Power Systems Division are:

  • High dielectric strength powder coating
  • Multilayer laminations using Mylar, Teonex, Nomex or Kapton
  • Large-scale epoxy vacuum molding
  • SolidWorks solid 3D modeling
  • Electrical and environmental testing
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