Power Electronics

Current Sensing Chip Resistors

State of the Art Inc. (SOTA) has introduced two series of true full Kelvin 4-terminal low value chip resistors suitable for current sensing applications.

The S2512FK Series measures .250 in. x.125 in. x .030 in. and is rated at 2W. The S2010FK Series measures .200 in. x 100 in. x .030 in. and is rated at 1W. Both series offer range values from .01 ohm¸ to 1 ohm¸ and feature tolerances as tight as 1%.

Standard features include marking of resistance value and current/sense terminals and wrap-around nickel barrier terminations. Options include high reliability screening and epoxy bondable terminations.

Voltage ratings are 150V (2010FK) and 200V (2512FK). Their operating range is from -55¡ã C to 125¡ã C.

Reliability is assured by extensive in-house testing¡ªusers can select from a wide variety of testing options. Custom testing to customer specifications is also available. The chip resistors are designed for use in a wide range of high reliability applications, including medical electronics, defense systems, microwave communications, aerospace electronics, and satellite systems.

Pricing is generally under $1.00 in manufacturing quantities. Current lead time is eight weeks, but SOTA maintains more than 50 million resistors in stock. Delivery on stock items is two business days ARO.

For more information, visit www.resistor.com.

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