Power Electronics

Current-sense Resistors Come in TO-style Packages

From Caddock Electronics, the MP Series of TO-style current sense resistors offers a wide range of package options, including the TO-126, TO-220 and TO-247 packages. The resistors are suitable for use in power electronics circuits where a higher voltage signal is needed due to a noisy environment, or where a minimum load is required by the circuit.

The heatsink-mountable packages allow higher power dissipation in a compact design, offering power ratings from 1 W to 100 W. Resistance ranges from 0.005 Ω to 0.009 Ω with tolerances to ±5%; 0.010 Ω to 0.019 Ω with tolerances to ±2%; and 0.020 Ω and above with tolerances to ±1%. A noninductive design allows these resistors to operate in high-frequency applications and switching circuits.

Units are rated up to 35 A or 25 W in the TO-126 package, up to 40 A or 50 W in the TO-220, up to 60 A or 60 W in the TO-220 clip mount, and up to 44 A or 100 W in the TO-247. All ratings are at a case temperature of +25°C.

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