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CoolingZONE Summit to Provide Expert Insights into Electronics Thermal Management

The 2011 CoolingZONE Business and Technology Summit will run October 5-6 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a world hub of high technology and business education. The 11th Annual Summit will feature several leading thermal management sharing their latest work and insight on emerging technologies for advanced cooling of electronic systems.

Electronic design engineers and all others looking for high-end, technical explanations of the latest electronics cooling challenges will learn where the solutions will be found, and who can help them with products and services to manage today's thermal challenges. Among the highlights will be a full-day course: Thermal Management of Electronics - Calculations, Measurements, Simulation, Review and Selection of Cooling Options by Dr. Kaveh Azar, President and CEO of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. in nearby Norwood, MA. Other presentations at the CoolingZONE Summit will include:
· Thermal and Energy Management Technologies for the Next Decade: Challenges and Opportunities
· Challenges and Innovations in Avionics and Military Electronics Thermal Management
· An Overview of the Challenges in Thermal Testing
· Challenges of Thermal Management and Design of Compact 3-D Microsystems: An integrated System Level Approach with Focus on Discrete Technologies
· Thermal Design and Management of High Power LEDs
· The Future of Solid State Lighting is Bright but "Why is it Taking so Long?"
· Design of Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks and Cold Plates: Some Fundamental Concepts for Transitioning from Air Cooled Solutions
· Thermal Design of Telecommunications Equipment: Challenges and Requirements

The CoolingZONE Summit will be held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel located on the historic Charles River that separates the cities of Cambridge and Boston. In this inspiring venue, the CoolingZONE Summit gathers together the A List of thermal management experts to share their latest developments and studies, and provide a look at what's to come in electronics cooling.

Anyone interesting in attending the CoolingZONE summit, or exhibiting there, should visit http://www.coolingzone.com or email [email protected]

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