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Controller Driving Strings of Up to 125 White LEDs with Power Factor Correction

ASIC Advantage Inc. has introduced the ASIC Advantage IN-PLUG IPS401 LED controller, a white LED controller capable of driving strings of up to 125 LEDs in series with high efficiency and power factor correction. The ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED controller provides a high-efficiency, long-life, and reliable lighting solution for municipal buildings, industrial applications, homes, transportation systems and secure installations. It also meets or exceeds RGB backlighting, flat panel display backlighting and automotive long-life lighting and energy-saving requirements.

“I am very pleased to announce the first IC of our new generation of IPS40x controllers capable of driving a large number of white LEDs”, said Pierre Irissou, president of ASIC Advantage. “LED technology has shown constant progress and evolution while LED controller technology has not. Now, designers can implement our new LED controller and build power-efficient, energy-saving lighting solutions that make conventional lamp/fluorescent lighting systems obsolete.”

The ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED uses self-oscillating and optimized continuous mode operation to minimize switching power losses and reduce switching electromagnetic interference (EMI). It allows engineers to design highly efficient (better than 95%) power supplies up to 500 W and addresses a large number of LED string lighting requirement. The ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED controller includes a built-in circuitry to ensure low harmonic distortion and a minimum of 99% power factor correction.

Safety features of the ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED controller include overvoltage and overcurrent protection. The ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED controller’s mode of operation and low power consumption will bring designers the means to meet the most stringent green/energy-saving requirements.

The ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED controller operates from 12-Vdc to 265-Vac sources. It will drive hundreds of white LED diodes, typically 120 to 1000 from ac sources, 10 to several hundreds from dc sources. Constant current mode ensures maximum LED brightness, long life and reliability. Brightness intensity may be adjusted by analog voltage or by pulse width modulation (PWM) control.

The ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED controller requires a minimum of external components. The controller requires a power-rated MOSFET, which is smaller than required in a typical conventional market solution. The ASIC Advantage IPS401 LED controller is available in SOIC-8 and DIP-8 packages. Samples are available from stock. Pricing is $1.15 each in 1000-piece quantities and at $0.65 each in 10,000-piece quantities. A demonstration kit, IPS-DK401, is also available and can be purchased for $100.

For more information, visit www.asicadvantage.com.

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