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Consortium For Solar Lighting (CSL) Formed

The CSL was established to form an industry-wide cooperative aimed at developing standards and guidelines for outdoor solar lighting that represent quality, reliability and performance.

About Outdoor Solar Lighting:
This category is described as autonomous (independent of the electrical grid) light poles powered by solar energy. These systems collect solar energy during the day and store the power in batteries. The lights then turn on during the evening and run off battery power.
The technology utilizes a solar collector, a luminaire and batteries to store the energy created. Solar lighting products offer cost-effective, reliable alternatives to conventional lighting technology.

Vision Statement
To foster awareness and provide education in solar lighting and the applications where it is a viable alternative to conventional grid-connected lighting technology.

Founding Members

· Carmanah Technologies Corp.
· Inovus Solar, Inc.
· Sharp Electronics Corp.
· SolarOne Solutions, Inc.

"Solar Lighting Recommended Practices: System Sizing - Preliminary Version" will be available June 15th. Visit www.consortiumforsolarlighting.com to request a copy. This white paper will provide an introduction to the basics of solar lighting operation, guidance on the requirements for a reliable energy balance and useful glossary of industry terminology.

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