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Tyco Electronics’ 175A AMP Power Series connector is a 2-pole, wire-to-wire style connector rated for 175 A at 600 V (ac or dc) when using 1/0 wire. It employs a genderless housing design that allows mating between two identical housings so that only one housing part number is necessary. The contact system uses one contact style rather than a male/female arrangement, simplifying ordering and stocking for customers. A rugged housing design and highly durable contacts make it suitable for industrial environments. It can be used in material handling equipment, electrical vehicles, electric utility vehicles, power supplies, power distribution modules, rechargeable batteries, and industrial equipment.

For applications requiring similar performance in a single-pole connector, the 180A AMP Power Series connector is also available. This connector is rated for 180 A at 600 V, but retains many of the features and design attributes of the 2-pole 175A version. An interlocking feature on the housing allows multiple connectors to be horizontally or vertically stacked.

Both connectors use an impact resistant, color-keyed (175A version only), UL 94V-0 polycarbonate housing. Housing colors, which help indicate voltage, include yellow, orange, red, gray, and blue for the 175A, and blue, black, white, red, and green for the 180A. Contacts are silver plated copper offering low resistance and superior conductivity. Designers can select from individual cold-headed contacts or two contacts kitted with a housing. The contact design helps to wipe corrosion and debris away between mating surfaces and is rated for up to 10,000 mating cycles. The connectors accept 1/0 to 4 AWG wire. Reducing bushings are available to make the contacts compatible with wire down to 10 AWG.

For more information, literature, or product and accessories samples, contact Tyco Electronics’ technical support center at 1-800-522-6752 or visit [email protected]/new.

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