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Connector Offers 35% Space Savings

Connector Offers 35% Space Savings

AVX Corp.’s MMA™ SMT board stacking connector is designed to maximize high-speed signal integrity and high pin count SMT capabilities. Designed for applications in communication, medical, technological, and research markets, it supports a system bandwidth in excess of 5 GHz.

The MMA system features dual active cantilever spring contacts that deliver lower insertion/withdrawal forces without jeopardizing normal forces needed for a reliable connection. AVX has developed a unique hermaphroditic design with a symmetrical insulator, creating a single connector that can mate with itself, thereby reducing applied costs, inventory, and PCB (printed circuit board) real estate by minimizing board space requirements.

Applications include high-end computers, routers, servers, optical transceivers, medical equipment, test/instrumentation, and other interconnect products. High pin count applications are supported through the attachment with minimal stress and high productivity. The MMA features a solder ball attachment to the PCB.

This stackable 10×10 connector features contact material made of beryllium copper, with proven high yield strength for contact integrity and reliability. Individual connectors are available in tape and reel packages and multiconnector high pin count modules are available in pick and place trays.

For more information, visit www.avxcorp.com.

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