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Component Order Index Indicates Slow Start for 2003

Electronic component orders remained flat in November for the sixth straight month, according to the monthly index of the Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association (ECA). The lack of significant growth indicates a slow start for early 2003.

“Electronic component orders typically lead sales by three to six months in good times,” says Bob Willis, ECA president. “In today's cautious environment, order lead times have shortened to two or three months. With that scenario, the current index would indicate that the first quarter of 2003 will be similar to current conditions, with unit growth up but average selling price down.”

Willis does see positive signs from the semiconductor industry that could change the flat-growth trend. “If forecasts predicting up to 20% growth in 2003 are on target, that will jumpstart the overall electronic components industry,” he says.

The ECA represents manufacturers and producers of passive and active electronic components, component arrays and assemblies, and materials and support services. For more information, visit www.ec-central.com.

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