Power Electronics

Company Doubles Size of Power-IC Design Center

As part of its continuing commitment to develop efficient power management components for consumer, computing and office electronics, ON Semiconductor plans to double both the staff and the square footage of its Power Conversion Integrated Circuit Development Center in Chandler, Ariz. By the end of the year, the Chandler facility will be expanded to 16,000 sq ft, and up to 20 new power integrated circuit engineering positions will be added.

Work at the Chandler center—one of eight design centers ON Semiconductor operates worldwide—is focused on the research, design and testing of power-efficient integrated circuits and power supply solutions used in the conversion of both ac and dc power. The devices designed at the Arizona facility utilize unique and often proprietary technology to convert power from a wall outlet or battery to digital consumer or computer electronics with minimal energy loss.

“The expansion of the Chandler Development Center emphasizes ON Semiconductor’s commitment to providing electronics manufacturers with the power solutions necessary to create energy-efficient consumer electronics that ultimately help reduce household energy bills, conserve precious energy resources and reduce pollution,” said Andy Williams, vice president of ON Semiconductor’s Power Conversion Products Division. “Today, approximately 40% of all power paid for by a consumer or business is lost due to conversion steps within virtually every electronic device plugged into a wall. Our goal is to reduce this power-loss by one-half with proprietary integrated circuits developed at our Chandler Development Center.”

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