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Compact Power Line Filter Delivers High Attenuation in Differential Mode

Tyco Electronics has introduced the CORCOM EMC Series power line filter. The EMC Series products have maximum current ratings ranging from 3 A to 30 A. The EMC Series is the most compact dual-stage CORCOM filter available from Tyco Electronics. This product is addresses the need for additional differential mode attenuation in the lower frequency range while maintaining high common-mode performance. This type of performance typically is needed for motor drives and switch-mode power supplies with increased operating frequencies.

The EMC Series power line filters are available with various terminations: one-fourth-inch FASTON terminals, wire leads or stud terminals for greater assembly flexibility. These filters help reduce conducted noise to acceptable limits for equipment that must comply with the requirements of CISPR in Europe and the FCC specifications in the United States. The EMC Series power line filters have UL/CSA/VDE agency approvals.

Pricing for the 10-A EMC model power line filter is $12.56 at the 100-piece quantity level. Lead times are typically 8-12 weeks.

For more information, visit www.cor.com.

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