Power Electronics

Compact, DIN Rail Supplies Deliver 240 W

The HSA240 series of DIN rail power supplies from MTM Power Messtechnik Mellenbach GmbH deliver 240 W of output power for industrial applications. Measuring 80 mm x 130 mm x 130 mm, these power supplies automatically switch between the input voltage ranges of 94 Vac to 132 Vac and 190 Vac to 264 Vac. The devices have a high efficiency of 86% over the whole input voltage range of 94 Vac to 264 Vac, are continuously short circuit-protected and need no ground load.

The output current is electronically limited in case of overload and the devices then change into constant current operation. Due to this characteristic curve and the reduction of the output voltage to 0 V at the same time, they are protected against short circuit damages and therefore can supply loads with high inrush currents without switching-off or intermittant operation. As an additional safety measure against overheating of the power supplies, a temperature protection is integrated which also allows critical applications in thermal-sensitive areas.

(For information on other recently introduced 240-W DIN rail power supplies, see “DIN Rail Supplies Expand Three-Phase Options” in the July 13, 2005, issue of PE Tech Times.)

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