Power Electronics

Compact Buck Regulator Operates Over Wide Input Voltage Range

From Monolithic Power Systems (MPS), the MP2106 is a compact 1.5-A synchronous buck regulator that works over a 2.6-V to 13.5-V input voltage range to produce an adjustable output as low as 0.9V. The regulator operates at greater than 90% efficiency.

The MP2106 integrates FETs on chip in a tiny 10­pin MSOP or QFN (3-mm × 3-mm) package. That small size, combined with the device’s 800-kHz switching frequency, results in a very compact footprint. Typical operating current is 1.2 mA; which drops to just 1 µA in shutdown. External compensation ensures that the MP2106 is stable with ceramic or tantalum capacitors.

Other features include cycle-by-cycle current limiting, under voltage lockout, thermal shutdown and externally adjustable soft start. Samples are available from stock immediately and pricing begins at $1.44 in 1000-piece quantities.

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