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Common Mode Choke Coil


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Common Mode Choke Coil

The DLP11 common mode choke coil series from Murata Electronics Corp. is an EMI filtering solution for high-speed differential mode signal transmissions. Using advanced thin film and ferrite material technology, Murata was able to produce common mode choke coils that provide outstanding filtering performance without distorting the signal. The products are available with impedance values of 90Ω, 120Ω, 160Ω, or 200Ω (at 100 MHz) and packaged at 1.25 mm x 1 mm x 0.082 mm. As such, this product is the smallest common mode choke coil available for filtering high-speed interfaces such as USB2.0 and IEEE1394.

For more information, visit www.murata-northamerica.com.

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