Power Electronics

Collaboration to Develop Organic Photovoltaics

Konarka and KURZ, a global manufacturer of printed polymer electronics technology, have formed a partnership to take Konarka's organic photovoltaic technology out of the lab. The multi-year, multi-phase collaboration will focus on research and development, manufacturing process engineering and production scale-up for the printed power plastic.

The organic photovoltaics are comprised of one of the chemistries Konarka is developing as part of its line of light-activated power plastics, and are made by printing conducting polymers and nano-engineered materials onto plastic. The resulting material can be easily integrated into devices, systems and structures to provide them with their own renewable power generation capabilities.

KURZ brings to the relationship expertise in printing and coating films and foils for a wide assortment of products, including packaging, electronic devices, security applications, automotive parts, household appliances and textiles. By incorporating Konarka's power plastic into its products, KURZ can extend and enhance the products' functionality.

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