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Circuit Protector

PolySwitch TRF600-150 circuit protectors are 25% smaller than previous versions and provide resettable overcurrent protection in telephones, fax machines, set-top boxes, security systems, modems, and other telecommunications equipment that must comply with UL 60950 and TIA-968-A standards.

The new PolySwitch device features a tighter resistance window and lower post-trip resistance than its predecessor, theTR600-150 device. The smaller physical dimensions of the device facilitate development of more densely populated PCB designs, and permit drop-in replacement for existing designs.

Furthermore, the new TRF600-150 device utilizes a lead- (Pb) free construction that is compliant with RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) Directive 2002/95/E. When compared to traditional lightning-robust fuses that do not interrupt until fault currents exceed 1 A, the resettable TRF600-150 device offers a 150 mA hold current and limits let-through energy to significantly lower levels. This permits the use of smaller, less expensive, and lower-power handling circuit components.

In addition to interrupting potentially damaging power faults, the PolySwitch TRF600-150 device is robust to ITU-T K.20/21/45 lightning surges, making it an appropriate choice for protection of telecom and networking equipment designed for use around the world.

The TRF600-150 device is available in tape and reel packaging for compatibility with high-volume manufacturing, or in bulk quantities.

For more information, visit www.raychem.com.

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