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Chipset Raises High-to-Low Voltage DC/DC Conversion Efficiency

Aiming to strengthen its position in the high voltage power IC arena, National Semiconductor recently launched an integrated high-voltage cascaded controller-driver chipset for power conversion in applications with a large voltage step-down ratio. The controller-driver chipset is designed to achieve high efficiency in the 48V to 1V and below power conversion. In this set, the two 100V power MOSFET drivers (LM5101 and LM5102) work seamlessly with the new controller (LM5041), providing users with a chipset crafted for communications power systems, automotive power systems, -48V distributed power systems, motor drive systems, industrial power supplies and half-bridge and full-bridge converters.

While the new integrated current-mode pulse width modulated (PWM) controller LM5041 incorporates a buck pre-regulator controller synchronized to push-pull MOSFET drivers with peak currents of 2A and programmable dead time, the LM5101 and LM5102 are 100V half-bridge power MOSFET drivers designed to drive both the high side and low side N-channel MOSFETs in a synchronous buck or a half-bridge configuration. The LM5101/LM5102 and the LM5041 form a complete chipset solution, providing customers with flexibility to scale power MOSFETs to the power requirements of the dc-dc converter.

Furthermore, a second LM5101 can be applied at the push-pull outputs of the LM5041 for users preferring cascaded half or full-bridge topologies. The LM5102 also provides programmable rise-time control that allows designers to tune the power supply for maximum efficiency.

The evaluation board for the chipset will be on display at the APEC conference. The cascaded controller LM5041 comes in a LLP-16 package. And is priced at $2.55 each in 1,000-piece quantities. While LM5101 and LM5102, both packaged in a LLP-10, are each priced at $1.75 and $1.79, in lots of 1000, respectively. Sampling will begin in April, with volume production in June and September, respectively.

For more information, visit www.national.com

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