Power Electronics

Chip One Stop Provides Long-Term Semiconductor Supply Solutions

Providing purchasing professionals with a long-term source of authorized semiconductor devices, Rochester Electronics has authorized Chip One Stop to offer customers its continuing supply programs and services. Through Chip One Stop, a leading online distributor of electronics components in Japan, customers facing supply shortages can quickly and easily search Rochester's extensive mature and end-of-life (EOL) semiconductor inventory to ensure the procurement of genuine, traceable, high performance devices.

Chip One Stop is currently accepting online orders of Rochester's authorized semiconductor products at www.chip1stop.com.

As the world's largest authorized continuing manufacturer and distributor of mature and EOL semiconductors, Rochester Electronics has established a reputation as a solutions provider. Through its unique long-term Extension-Of-Lifeā„¢ supply programs, Rochester Electronics supplies qualified parts for programs across a wide range of industries including aerospace, military, medical, space, telecommunications, utilities, contract manufacturing, and more. Because Rochester Electronics' designed and manufactured parts deliver the same specifications and performance characteristics as the original products, customers no longer have to invest in costly system re-designs.

Rochester Electronics acquires the original manufacturer's remaining inventory, including packaged devices, finished devices, die, intellectual property, tooling, test programs and test equipment, to provide a continuous supply of authorized EOL semiconductors. This transfer of technology assures there is no interruption of authorized and certified devices in the supply chain.

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