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Cherokee and Celestica Collaborate for Sixteenth-Brick Standard

Cherokee International Corp. and Celestica Inc. recently announced they will collaborate to drive the standardization of a new sixteenth-brick dc-dc converter footprint. Over the past year, sixteenth bricks have been released by various suppliers, encompassing varying pin-outs, packaging and functionality. Using independent designs, Cherokee International and Celestica Power Systems will include a common form factor and pin out in their portfolio of dc-dc converters, as well as a functionally equivalent feature set.

The products, to be released later in 2004, will be approximately half the length of the existing eighth-brick form factor and smaller than any other product currently released as a sixteenth brick. Cherokee’s SB Series and Celestica’s S-Class dc-dc converter and are both designed to meet a 1.11 in. × 0.90 in. × 0.354 in. form factor. Expected to deliver up to 141 W per cubic inch as well as 25 A at 1.5 V, models will be available in PTH and SMT packages.

The collaboration will help drive the standardization of this new and innovative footprint, and will maximize flexibility for OEMs by enabling multiple sourcing for their system designs.

Cherokee and Celestica both plan to release the sixteenth-brick products later in the year.

For more information, visit www.cherokeepwr.com or www.celestica.com/power.

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