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Central Semiconductor Expands EOL Life Support Program

Central Semiconductor Expands EOL Life Support Program


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Central Semiconductor Expands EOL Life Support Program

Central Semiconductor Corp. has expanded the EOL Life Support program tailored to meet the challenge of procuring the increasing diminishing source of discrete semiconductor devices worldwide. Central currently manufactures more than 1,700 direct replacement devices for which an industry demand still exists. In many instances, Central has become a sole source in this after-market segment and has frequently alleviated the headaches associated with the "Life Time Buy" (LTB) or the costly and often unnecessary redesign. Although Central also manufactures leading-edge devices specializing in custom, special, and selected devices, the trailing edge market accounts for 30% of total revenue.

In addition to the listed EOL Life Support devices, Central welcomes inquiries for any discontinued device or device at risk of being discontinued by another manufacturer. A complete analysis will be conducted to evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing the device. Central has even worked directly with original manufacturers to insure the customers' requirements are met.

Central Semiconductor manufactures diminishing source discrete semiconductors and will continue to do so as long as there is an industry demand. Specifications for these devices can be found in the EOL Life Support section of Central's Web site at www.centralsemi.com/eol.

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