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Celestica Power Systems Joins DOSA

The Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) has added a third-member, Celestica Power Systems, providing more support for the alliance’s efforts to establish standards among dc-dc converter products and to enable multisourcing of these products. Celestica joins Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. and SynQor Inc., which founded DOSA in February of this year. Celestica Power Systems is developing its Volant Series of nonisolated point-of-load converters (POLs) to meet DOSA specifications and will develop a DOSA-compatible 16th brick.

Beyond these specific plans, Celestica’s membership in DOSA will also enable it to participate in the alliance’s roadmapping efforts as it seeks to establish new standards.

"We are excited to be part of DOSA and look forward to collaborating with leading power supply manufacturers in the development of compatible and competitive products that meet customer needs," said Chris Stratas, General Manager of Celestica Power Systems. "By including DOSA standard products in our product portfolio, we are continuing to provide our customers with a broadening range of solutions and multiple sourcing options."

Celestica’s Volant Series of POLs already feature footprint and pin-out compatibility with members of the Austin Lynx, MicroLynx, and SuperLynx product families from Tyco. But going forward, Celestica’s participation in DOSA will allow it support greater standardization of POL feature sets.

In developing a DOSA-compatible sixteenth brick, Celestica will follow the industry trend of migrating the eighth brick pinout to the smaller, 1.3 in. by 0.9 in. form factor. As was the case with Tyco, SynQor, and Datel, when they announced DOSA’s plans for the sixteenth brick in April, Celestica expects to introduce the sixteenth brick initially as a through-hole component and later as a surface-mount device. That sixteenth product will be in addition to Celestica’s previously announced S-Class series of sixteenth bricks in the novel 1.11 in. by 0.9 in. form factor. The company will continue to support the S-Class series. (For more on recent sixteenth brick developments see, “Sixteenth Bricks are Taking Shape,” in the May issue of Power Electronics Technology.)

For more information, visit www.celestica.com.

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