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Celestica Expands Intermediate Bus Converter Series

Celestica Inc. has expanded its IBC Series of isolated dc-dc converters with the QUS20-120 vertical-mount quarter-brick model and the HUS42-096 half-brick model.

Celestica is the first to market an intermediate bus converter in a half-brick package with a 5-to-1 fixed input/output voltage ratio. With a wide input voltage range of 36 V to 55 V, the HUS42-096 achieves high efficiency levels of up to 97%. Designed to address higher power needs than existing quarter-brick products, Celestica’s HUS42-096 is rated at 460 W and maintains the efficiencies, power density and low cost that have made IBC converters a popular choice for OEMs. In an industry-standard half-brick outline, the HUS42-096 is available in both positive and negative enable logic models, and can be used in parallel for an even higher output power. With dimensions of 2.3 in. x 2.4 in. x 0.45 in., the HUS42-096 has a power density of 185 W/cu in.

Celestica has also launched the QUS20-120-NVDR, the vertical-mount version of the QUS20-120 IBC Series product line. For applications where board space is scarce, this vertically mounted 4-to-1 fixed ratio quarter-brick only takes up 1.08 sq in. of board space while achieving the leading efficiency and current thermal derating of the QUS20-120 Series Converters. With dimensions of 2.5 in. x 0.38 in. x 1.25 in., the QUS20-120 converters boasts high efficiency levels of up to 96% and is available in both positive and negative enable logic models. These converters can also be used in parallel for higher output power requirements, providing added flexibility for the OEM system designer.

Celestica’s QUS20-120-NVDR and HUS42-096 are available now. Pricing at 1000 units ranges from $39 to $78, based on model and output voltage.

For more information, visit www.celesticapower.com.

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