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CdS Light-Dependent Resistors

CdS Light-Dependent Resistors


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CdS Light-Dependent Resistors

The CdS Photocell Series from Selco Products Co. are single and dual Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) light-dependent resistors that offer high sensitivity and high stability. Featuring a spectral response similar to the human eye, the new devices are ideal for sensor applications that require human eye light perception.

Designed to sense light in the spectral range from 515 nm to 730 nm, they have a peak wavelength of 515 nm. Performance characteristics include a wide range of resistivity values ranging from 3 k° to 240 ° max at 10 Lux, 2856K and an operating temperature range of -30°C to 75°C. Other features include glass window and plastic coating construction, and a manufacturing process that incorporates a sintered film fabrication process to provides high sensitivity areas. Soldering is at 260°C for 5 sec. (max) at least 5 mm from the cell package.

Measuring just 0.165 in. × 0.138 in (Model 9P Series), the output current per photoconductive surface area is large enough to drive relays directly. For this reason, the CdS Photocell Series can be used in a wide variety of applications, including photometry, light control, detection, and audio applications for sensing the presence or absence of light or measuring the intensity of light. Typical examples include light camera exposure, brightness controls, shutter controls, night lights, street light controls, low-light level detection, light dimmers, auto headlights, sun sensors for air conditioners, security systems, office machines, audio equipment non-contact volume control, and other visible light sensor applications.

For more information, visit www.selcoproducts.com.

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