Power Electronics

Catalogs Display Latest Magnetics Wares

A number of magnetic component suppliers have released catalogs updating their offerings for power and other applications. Premier Magnetics has published a new 140-page catalog detailing the company's line of magnetics devices for networking, communications and power supply applications. The catalog provides a comprehensive collection of datasheets covering an extensive selection of specialized transformers, filters, chokes and inductors.

In addition, the catalog features details on the company’s low wattage dc-dc converters. The entire collection also is available as individual .pdf datasheets at www.premiermag.com.

Among the power components included in the catalog are switch-mode power supply magnetics, linear transformers, toroidal transformers and dc-dc converter modules.

From Cooper Electronics Technology, a unit of Cooper Bussmann, the Coiltronics brand catalog offers 120 pages of information updated with the newest inductors and transformers. A series of application notes has been added to make selection of products easier. Improvements in the catalog are meant to provide a more technical focus. In addition, information is included on improving reliability of power inductors in high temperature designs, PoE power magnetic options and trends, and switching regulator inductor selection.

In addition to detailed applications and specifications for each product line, the guide has an easy-to-use custom magnetics design form with step-by-step guidelines to determine the proper size and efficiency of the SMT component needed for a specific electronic application. Almost 1000 different part numbers are listed for every conceivable power requirement and space configuration in the design of electronics, including 12 additional values for the HC8 Series of power inductors. To receive a free copy of the Magnetics technical guide, visit the literature request section of Cooper Electronic Technologies’ website at www.cooperET.com.

Pulse, a Technitrol Company, has released the Pulse 2005 Short-Form Catalog, which features diverse product offerings from the company’s telecom, LAN, power, military/aerospace and consumer divisions. New for 2005 are sections on featured products, consumer products and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance. The Consumer Division designs and manufactures large-scale magnetics in conventional TVs as well as components for plasma and LCD TV sets.

The Featured Product Section describes in detail several advanced Pulse products such as the ChipChoke series of miniature common-mode chokes and the integrated dual power inductor for multi-phase circuit applications.

The 56-page catalog has key electrical specifications in chart form and data sheet references to Pulse’s catalog inductors, transformers, chokes, modules, splitters, filters, integrated connector modules and couplers. More than 10,000 product configurations support a variety of technical applications for integrated circuits, power supplies and other platforms, including Ethernet, PoE, VoIP, DSL/HPN/cable, RF, wireless, MIL-STD-1553, ac-dc and dc-dc power conversion, and other applications.

Pulse’s 2005 Short-Form Catalog can be downloaded from the Pulse website at www.pulseeng.com/products/shortFormCatalog.aspx, or a print version can be ordered by e-mail at [email protected].

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