Power Electronics

Catalog Features EMC Components for Power Line Applications

The new 2004 short-form catalog of EMC Components for Power Line Applications gives an overview of EPCOS chokes and filters for use in filtering noise from power lines. The catalog describes the components with their key electrical parameters and other technical data. Ordering codes are listed for all products, and overviews help design engineers find the correct component.

Innovations include the new compact B84143B*S080/S081 series of 3-line filters with current strengths of 180 A to 1600 A. With the extension of the B84143A*R105 series, filters from 8 A to 150 A offering an excellent price/performance ratio are now available.

The catalog also presents a new generation of filters for shielded rooms, which are distinguished by their compact design and good price/performance ration, attaining stop-band attenuations of over 100 dB in the range from 15 kHz to 40 GHz.

For more information, visit www.epcos.com.

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