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Cambridge University Power Semiconductor Spin-Out Raises $6.1 million

Cambridge Semiconductor Ltd. recently raised $6.1 million, proving it’s still possible for outstanding early stage companies to raise funds in today’s climate. The lead investor was 3i, Europe’s leading venture capital company, who committed $2.8 million. Scottish Equity Partners and TTP Ventures invested $2.1 million and $1 million respectively, with additional investment from Odyssey Ventures and Cambridge University.

Cambridge Semiconductor, a fabless semiconductor company, was spun out of Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering in August 2000 with seed investment from the Cambridge University Challenge Fund.

Professor Gehan Amaratunga and Dr. Florin Udrea founded the company to commercialize breakthrough technology developed at Cambridge University. This technology uses standard manufacturing processes to integrate ultrahigh-speed power switches and complex control circuits in one chip. The company is developing a new generation of power integrated circuits with switching speeds far in excess of products currently on the market.

The company’s products will target a spectrum of power electronics applications. Power electronics is essential to virtually every electrical appliance and electronic product in use today. Cambridge Semiconductor’s technology will deliver significant benefits to manufacturers of electronic products, enabling them to reduce cost and improve reliability, while simultaneously enhancing the functionality of their products. Consumers will get products with reduced size, new features, and energy savings.

Founder Gehan Amaratunga said, “Given the present economic climate, the strength and calibre of our investor syndicate is an exceptional endorsement of CamSemi’s technology and business plan. This is particularly important given our goal of building a major semiconductor company in the area of mixed-signal power electronics.”

Non-executive chairman Iain Robertson said, “Cambridge Semiconductor has a world-class technical team that has developed extraordinary technology. I am very excited at the prospect of working with the team to exploit this technology in high performance power integrated circuits for specific applications in a number of vertical markets.”

For more information, visit www.camsemi.com.

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