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C-Bipolar Process Enhancements Reduce Die Size and Power Consumption

PolarFab, the U.S.-owned, pure-play analog and mixed-signal semiconductor foundry, announces a new family of devices to enhance its BP30 process, a 1.25-µm, 30-V complementary-bipolar (c-bipolar) technology. The devices increase first-pass design success rate and reduce design time, while providing reduced die size and power consumption for a broad range of power management applications up to 30 V, including high-performance amplifiers, PWM, buck/boost controllers, linear regulators and switching regulators.

The new device family includes complementary bipolar NPN and IVPNP devices, SVPNP and LPNP bipolar transistors, and Schottky diodes. The new devices, optimized for 7 V, 14 V or 20 V, help shrink die size, ultimately reducing a new product’s design time and time to market. Additionally, the BP30 process includes an ESD power supply clamp that provides designers with one device that protects all three voltage nodes (7 V, 14 V and 30 V), reducing device size by 66% for single-layer metal designs and by 75% for 2-layer metal designs.

A high-sheet resistance (3.2 kΩ/sq) poly resistor and a 20 V, 0.9 fF/µm2 poly nitride capacitor also have been added to PolarFab’s c-bipolar process technology. The poly resistor provides reduced die size as well as lower parasitics for high-value resistors. Designs using the new capacitor also result in reduced die size along with high reliability at 20 V, due to the device’s increased capacitance per unit and robust construction.

Available on 6-in. wafers, the BP30 is a modular process that allows designers to optimize for performance and cost. Optional devices include the IVPNP bipolar transistor, the poly resistor, the poly nitride capacitor, as well as 1- or 2-level metal. The BP30 process provides a complete design environment featuring fully characterized scalable models and p-cells, a Cadence Process Design Kit (PDK), and a comprehensive design layout manual.

For more information, visit www.polarfab.com/ProcessDataSheets.asp.

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