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TDK Innoveta Inc.’s new iEB and iQD series are part of the new FReta family of Fixed Ratio power supplies, providing isolated “DC transformer” characteristics in standard footprint, high-density packages. The initial product offerings feature input ranges as wide as 42 V to 56 V, allowing more flexibility in selecting nominal input voltage. The first products in the family deliver a fixed output ratio of 4-to-1, or 12-V nominal from a 48-V input line.

FReta converters are suitable for reduced input range systems, such as servers, switches and routers, where cost and transient performance are critical. They provide an unregulated isolation stage with the highest density and efficiency, allowing them to establish a 12-V intermediate bus to power nonisolated point-of-load (POL) converters.

The iQD product packs 300 W of power at industry-leading currents up to 27 A into a standard quarter brick footprint. The standard dimensions (58 mm × 37 mm) and pin location are complemented by a low profile 9.65 mm (0.38 in.) design, allowing for versatile card spacing and good system airflow. The iQD products support parallel operation for added capability or expansion in high power systems.

The iEB offers 150W in the same pinout as iQD, but in more compact one-eighth brick standard package of 58 mm × 23 mm (2.3 in. × 0.9in). Because POL converters demand constant power, not constant current, the iEB series generates 150 W of constant power, at currents as high as 15.5 A. As a drop-in replacement for the iQD, it provides an option for cost reduction or size reduction as system power demands fluctuate. Suitable for the most aggressive card spacing, this smaller converter offers a profile of only 8.5 mm (0.335 in.).

For more information, visit www.tdkinnoveta.com.

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